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Best Spa and body massage in Gurgaon – More than Just relaxation

The spa and body massage services offer relaxation and transformation in the peaceful and tranquil environment. It gives a lifetime luxury experience to the individual. The style of massage and its technique differs according to various types of SPA and each of therapists uses unique style as per preference. The popular treatment given to the individual in spa includes facial, detoxification, water treatment and mud treatment. The best spa and body massage in Gurgaon balances the mental, physical and emotional well -being.

Services at SPA
Few of the exciting spa services that you would love availing at a preferred spa center include as below:

Swedish massage Spa Therapy

The massage therapist uses long smooth strokes, kneading and circular movements on the superficial layer of muscle using lotion or oil. It involves compression and friction resulting in the invigoration by stimulation flow of body blood.

Aromatherapy oil massageAroma SpaThe massage therapist uses one or more scented plant oil to address the specific need of an individual. One needs to select the oil which is preferred. It is best suited for stress related conditions. It helps in removing the stress related condition such as headache and digestive disorders. It also improves the state of well being in peoples.

Deep tissue massageMan has deep tissue massage on the back.

It targets the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue of an individual. The therapist uses the slower strokes technique across the grain of the muscle. It is for chronically tight or painful muscles, or recovery from the injury.

Balinese Massagebalinese masaageIt is the full body, deep tissue, a holistic treatment that combines acupuncture,reflexology, aromatherapy and stretching.

Chocolate Massage

choclate massageThe Chocolate massage contains lots of potassium, zinc and magnesium. The exquisite full body aromatherapy massage with the warm chocolate oil gives a relaxation to the customer. It is very beneficial and impressive as it:-

• Reducing the wrinkles, stretch marks and free lines
• Improving the texture of skin
• It gives calming effect that reduces stress

Body polish massageBody Polish Massage

This body treatment exfoliates skin, leaving the skin smooth and soft. The most common exfoliants are salt and sugar for body polishing massage therapy. Depending upon the treatment, they are salts scrub, sea salt scrub, and salt glow.

The salt and other exfoliants are abrasive; some therapist has the heavier hand. Everyone differs from other in the context of their skin sensitivity.

Casmara Facialcatalog20The Casmara masks supply vitamin, anti wrinkle effect, elasticity boost. It is a powerful firming action and nourishing most delicate areas of skin with application method on eyes and lips.

ReflexologyReflexologyIt is somewhere relating to foot massage, but reflexology is more simple and convenient than it, as involves applying pressure to the certain point on foot corresponding to organs and system in the body. Every organ in the human body has the nerve ending that reaches foots and hands, and acquiring the knowledge of stimulation is the art of reflexology.

Advantages of massage services
• Reducing the muscle tension
• It supports pain management that reduces the aches and pains
• It provides effective relief from sciatica, spasms, and arthritis
• Relaxing and rejuvenates sport including atrophied muscles
• Improving the overall health of customers
• Helps in reducing weights
• Reducing lower back pains, aids frozen and tennis elbow

The proper sleep is the best advantage that a spa can offer, as if the person has healthy body and minds, he or she will have a good night sleep.


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